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I’m not sure what the laws are when it comes to the diet in New York. I think if you go to there is a page that tells what each state is required to pay.
As far as I know nobody is being turned down the chance to try Kuvan (the pills) because of financial reasons. When my parents found out their co-pay for a 3 month supply of Kuvan for me was $50 Biomarin contacted my mom and they were willing to help with even that small fee if it was too much for us. Biomarin is helping everybody and anybody who wants to give Kuvan a try.
When you do start going to a PKU clinic (if you haven’t already started) talk with your doctor/dietitian and see if they can help. If you don’t know what clinics treat PKU in New York go to go to the links section and clinic clinics. It lists all the clinics in the US.
Hope this helps!

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