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I have gotten many flu shots and never worried so much about it. Being a teacher and around kids with the flue/snotty noses and them touching me after they have touched their nose…I made the choice to get one every year. It hasn’t raised my phe level nor did I get sick getting it. It just kept me healthier around my sickness infested environment. Maybe someone at your work had the flu and then was touching something at work…you could get it from that! It is scary that you could get flue from touching a grocery cart at the store! A person touching apples or any fruit or veggie at the supermarket and putting it back because they didn’t like the way it looked…you could get the flu from that! I am sorry just pointing out a few ways that even though you are not a teacher like me who is exposed all the time at work could get it any way. So I am glad that you got the shot because it is not worth getting sick over…especially as sick as you get.

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