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Hi, i`m Mandy. The TV has been rubbish tonight and i`m so pleased about is as I have stumbled across this site. I am delighted to read that so many of you PKU`s have gone on to have healthy babies. I have been on the more controlled diet since Oct 8 2007. I`m going mad with the lack of food even though i`m on 15 exchanges. All of my friends are dropping like flies (getting preggers) and it`s taking me all this time and I cant even treat myself with PIZZA. Hardly seems fair but feel guilty complaining as PKU isn`t that bad compared to all the other genetic discorder out there. PKU has never bothered me but I want a family more than anything and just recently feel like i`m struggling a bit. The fact that I hate cooking does not really help.
I am a teacher and there is a little boy in my school whose mother was off the diet when she had him. He has very severe learning and behaviour difficulties, so as sad as it is to say it he is my inspiration to stay focused and keep my phes level low, but sometimes i just can`t help myself. Really hope I get preggers soon. Thanks for all you stories. I look forward to hearing more. Hopefully i`ll get the chance to post that were having a baby one day.

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