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Hey Dan,
I have been trying to be much better about what I eat, like no more pizza or Chai’s from Starbucks, my dietician sent me numerous formula samples and I am still in the midst of trying them to see which ones I like. Currently, I think I will try two formulas – PKU Coolers (which come premixed in a foil package similar to a capri sun) and Phenylade Essential. They both taste really pretty good compared to when we were kids. As for how I feel, even taking small amounts of the formula twice a day since I have not yet been prescribed a specific amount has made me more alert, I can concentrate better, I am not always tired, I feel full after eating meals, my mom said that my complexion looks better, I am definitely more with it and I seemingly have better balance. Oh, and I don’t seem to have quite the caffeine addiction that I once had because I am more with it and awake. I used to get headaches if I didn’t have caffeine in the morning, it doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Its pretty cool actually. I feel great. Much better than before. It was a good decision for me to make.

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