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Hello everyone. I haven’t been on this site in awhile. I’m Missy. I am 33 with CPKU. After battling a miscarriage and endometriosis and having to have fertility treatments I have a beautiful baby girl who was born on july 11th 2007. I’ve been on diet all my life so the diet during pregnancy was pretty easy. The hardest part for me actually was when they increased my phe intake as I’m not a big eater and all. To get all the phe and calories in during the end of my pregnancy I would eat extra potatoes, corn, peas, (lol the veggies you have to limit more on when not pregnant so that was nice as I love those foods) and then the last few weeks of my pregnancy the baby was taking up so much room and I just wasn’t hungry at all that in order to get my phe and calories in I had a little regular ice cream each day to help cuz I just had trouble eating at all. Other than that I didn’t have anything that isn’t allowed on the diet. The struggle I have with the diet came after having my baby girl. I would concentrate so much on taking care of her and sleeping and doing everything else that I wasn’t paying attention to my diet at all. I would just grab whatever was fastest to eat… alot of times just stuff you can heat up fast which was higher in phe. And my husband was in his senior year of nursing school so he wasn’t much help at all as he was so into his school work. My levels were 25 in february. The highest I’ve had them in sooooo long since when I was finding a new formula after they got rid of the regular phenyl free. Well now that my daughter is older and doing more on her own and my husband has graduated college it has gotten easier and he helps me more. My last phe level which was this month on the 13th was 14 so it is slowly coming back down. Thank god. I’m not use to high levels I’m use to them being in range and the highest I’m use to is around 10.

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