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Haha ran out of room. Anyhow, we do plan to have 1 more child. We were wanting to start trying this fall/winter so long as my levels are good and all but first we have a few things we want to do this summer. Like look for a bigger house in a good school district. Just thought I would share my pregnancy experience. And the experience on how hard it is AFTER you have the baby. Not alot of people tell you how hard it is after you have the baby to manage the diet properly. It is mainly cuz you put your babies needs before your own and then the other thousand things that need done and you tend to put yourself last. I know how I will do things differently with the next baby. Becaus with the high levels I was always stressed and depressed and had no energy so I will make it a point to take care of my needs too. Well hope to get to know some of you ladies.

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