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My daughter is also Hyperphe. When she was first diagnosed the doctors and dieticians told us that she would not need too many restrictions except for no meat and seafood. I know exactly how you feel-wishy washy doctor responses…We went for our last check up and they told us she was showing more classic PKU tendencies-which was very hard for us to understand. Later they apologized about not explaining it well. We are now waiting to try cheese after her 1st birthday in a week. Tolerance plays a big role in blood levels. If you are feeding her baby food, you will see how she tolorates sweet potatoes and peas (if your dietician reccomends trying those). It sounds like your daughter and mine fall in the same catagory of levels. Don’t be upset when they go up and down-I was the same way. As long as her levels are under 6 she will be fine. She is growing so much now and it will fluctuate for a while. My daughter is usually between 2 and 3.8 now. If you have any questions about foods/table foods for later, let me know. I have been exactly where you are now!

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