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Hi there. I saw your post and thought I would reply really fast as I don’t have much time. Got so much to do while my daughter sleeps. I am 33 yrs old and am classical PKU. I also can only have 225 mg of phe a day (15 exchanges…. I count the actual mg of food that I eat.. much more accurate especially with my not being allowed very many and just the slightest off messes with my levels). The diet does take up alot of time. The easiest way I have found to be sure to keep my phe levels down in range and get enough to eat is eating low protein food products with every meal and a little fruits and veggies. I make sure I always have low protein pasta stocked up as they are low in phe and I can use my daily phe more for veggies which I will go crazy if I couldn’t have. As far as having kids…… As long as your levels are between 2-6 mg/dl you and baby should be fine. And yes the diet is strictest during the first trimester. After about the first 2or 3 months of pregnancy as the baby grows your needs for more calories and phe goes up cuz of the baby and the diet gets much easier. I was actually able to enjoy a little regular breads, pastas, regular peanut butter, ice cream while pregnant in the 2cd and 3rd trimesters. Though I was just happy to just be able to eat a bit more potatoes than I normally can on the diet or eat some corn on the cob and peas more often than I could if I wasn’t pregnant. Well my levels pretty much stayed between 2-4 and my daughter was born really healthy. She will be 1 on july 11th and all her milestones mainly have been met a month or 2 in advance of when they usually meet certain ones. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

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