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Hi, do you have access to a microwave? If you do, it’s a lot easier as you can take in meals you’ve prepared and heat them up such as potato with ratatouille or PKU pasta with a sauce of some sort (I can send you some recipes for pasta sauces if you wish) or a vegetable soup. If you aren’t able to get to a microwave the best thing to do is to bake. I bake scones and take in a salad with them as I find that a salad on it’s own just doesn’t fill me up. YOu could make a bruschetta sauce -tomato paste with garlic, fresh basil, olive oil, black pepper, sundried tomatoes, onions cooked together at a low heat and let cool. If you make up a large amount of this and take some in to spread on the PKU bread it makes it a lot more interesting and palatable. The best thing is variety. A little of several things. take some fruit in – a good ripe orange you’ll enjoy or half an avacado with some vinagraitte sauce, some PKU bread with bruschetta spread, a small salad etc. I hope this helps a little. Isabel

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