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I have a funny story–I work in a nursing home, with RN’s, and LPN’s. One LPN at work is really interested in my diet, and is really supportive of me being on it.
But about a month ago, I had just finished a night shift, and I was driving the RN on duty that night to a bus stop, and he said, “Jodi, you don’t need this milk. Don’t drink it. Just go to the grocery store, and take all the fruits and vegetables, and make smoothies. You will get all you need from them. You don’t need that milk anymore.”
I was so mad, but kept quiet. I laughed at his stupidity when I was driving home. What an idiot. He wasn’t a good RN anyway.
That’s the funniest story I have about people and my PKU. I have been made fun of, but don’t really remember it was so long ago.

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