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Reading that last entry about being beatup and picked on really worries me. My son is only 3 months so I am jumping the gun just a bit, but I worry about him being picked on in school for his formula drink. I have always taught my children to try to solve things on their own if it’s just teasing and if you can’t solve it tell an adult, but I also taught them if someone hits you then you should hit them back. You have to learn to stand up for yourself, but do it the right way. Hitting back was mainly aimed for my 3 year old and the problem child in his class, but you cannot let people walk all over you, you also cannot go around fighting everyone. I think you need to try to solve it everyway possible without violence, but don’t ever let anyone think that you are scared of them or that they can tread over you. Keep your head up and laugh at them if they say something stupid to try to get under your skin. I am definately not encouraging fighting so please don’t take that from this…

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