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For Meid-caid call CCS!!!! California Childrens Services. The hospital Tucker was born at refferred us automatically and they cover just about EVERYTHING!! CALIFORNIA HAS A LAW THAT THEY WILL COVER ANY EXPENSE ABOVE AND BEYOND THE PRICE OF FOOD FOR A NORMAL PERSON. For PKU, if it cost 10000$ a year for you w/o PKU and 15000$ a year for you w/ PKU CA will pay 5000$ of it. I researched laws for all states for financial help and found some great info. I just googled different phrases about PKU until I found out what I needed. You are set if you have medi-caid already…talk to your clinic about California Childrens Services, or better yet, google them and call ‘em! CA has soooooo many programs and groups to help with PKU! Thank God every day that your child was born in CA, rather than a state that doesn’t do anything.

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