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Hi there my name is Tracie and i don’t even remember my childhood, however i do remember parts of school. nEspecially grade school 1-6th.
I was a pretty tuff kid, but my parents took me off diet about that age, and i suffered with all my grades.
I fought daily with kids , and ditched alot.
I think it was to do with being off my diet. nMy parent snever truley belived the Dr. when they told them i was PKU. nProbabley cause i am considered Borderline PKU. nWhich really is no different than classical. nHonestly it sucked……
Now i am back on diet per my choice, and to this day my parents still believe i am not PKU. nDUH!!!!!!!, but if i wasn’t on diet when i had my daughter only God knows what would have happened.
Take care all, nPlease don’t hesitate to ask any question.I am very honest.

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