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Hello. Sorry I have been missing lately. Just so much has been going on with me. Batwoman… I sent you a friend request and I promise to check this site more often. So much has been going on. In June I started having problems with my endometriosis again. My doctor tried to take care of it with medications but they didn’t work so on sept. 22cd I had surgery to remove the endo. Now I am recovering. Then we will stabalize my hormones while I am working on my phe levels and then hopefully they both will be in order so that after the beginning of the year we can start trying to get pregnant again to give our 14 month old girl a brother or sister. So I’m in the planning stage right now. Other than that nothing else too much is going on other than in the spring we are moving into our new house we just bought to be closer to my family which will really help when trying to manage the diet and all when I am pregnant again and then will have 2 young kids to care for. I will check back later.

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