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Hello everyone,
my name is Tracie and iam am fairly new to this entire site.
I am a mom of a 10 yr old who does not have PKU.
I however do.I am what you consider borderline PKU. nAs for the new moms to be and ones planning. nYou can do it.
It takes alot of discipline and forcing yourself to get the formula in you.
I was on Phenex-2 and now i am on Kuvan.
I am planning my second pregnancy 10 yrs later. nFor myself i was on diet w/formula intake for about a month.
I recommend to be on diet before hand not only for the babys sake ,but to let yourself get use to formula without morning sickness. nThank God I never had morning sickness.
I feel it is because i let my body get use to it before hand.
Good Luck ladies!!!!
It is possible and very much worth it.
I call my daughter my miracle baby. nHer name is Gabriella ( after the angel ).
Take care, nTracie

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