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Hello. Michael…. yeah the thing about exchanges and counting by mg of phe can be confusing. But I believe batwoman is mistaken cuz 1 exchange cannot be 1 gm of protein as I believe 1 gm of protein is around 50 mg of phe and there is only 15 mg of phe for 1 exchange. I myself prefer to count by the exact mg of phe that I am getting each day. It is so much more accurate. But if I count by exchanges I only get 15 exchanges a day which equals 225 mg of phe a day which is where I am at. It isn’t alot at all. I’m not sure how to explain what an exchange is but it is 15 mg of phe per exchange. And from what I’ve been told is that there is like 50 mg of phe per gram of protein so 1 exchange is not a gram of protein.

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