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Hi LouLouBell, ni am PKU and planning my second baby.
I ahve 1 perfectly healthy.
I was on diet before conception.
It was difficult,but well worth it. nThe hardest was not knowing from month to month
how her growth was.IE: 4 chambers of heart,Limbs ETC.
I had alot of sonagrams. nBut still no answers till u give birth. nJust plan DO NOT DO IT WITHOUT BEING ON DIET.
Its a chance not worth taking plus it gives ur body a chance to get use to formula or the pill intake. nWhen i had my daughter the doctors could not believe how healthy she was.So we brought her back and forth for 48 make sure she did
ot have PKU. nShe doesn’t. The best was being able to give my child milk.I know it sounds silly, but i would not wish this disease on my worst enemy…. nTake care you can do it…….

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