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Hi again. I’ve got a lot on my mind. I’m really impatient. So here’s my story, I decided back in January of this year that I wanted to be pregnant by Thanksgiving this year.So I practiced getting on diet dropped the birth control in june and my levels have dropped from a 13 to an 8 then to a 6 then to a 5 then a 4 then a 3, but… Now they are going back up. And it’s what, October, and I’m still nowhere satisfied with my levels to try having a baby. I’d like a 3. I think without special, expensive low protein foods I won’t ever get to a 2 but the doctors say 2-4 right? Ok but I can’t keep them at a 3. And I don’t even remember what I ate when I had the 3. This past week I was at a 6 but I swear I’m eating less than I was when I had the 3. I’m really impatient and really want the experience of being pregnant. It doesn’t help that everyone of my friends around me is having a baby. My one friend is due this month and I just found out another friend is 6 weeks along and its just everywhere. Babies. Why must it be so hard for me? I’m a good person I try so hard and yet I feel like it never pays off and i’ve been experimenting with the variables to get my levels down. I’ve read all the stories and questions and have gotten some of my questions answered. Thank you for asking them. I’m still stuck though. I’m not going to make my goal cause Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I’m at a 6. How do you even survive the wait of going through the process of getting it low enough? I just want it to be low and I can just be safe to be pregnant and voila. Dang diet. Dang levels. Some comfort? K I’m going to go and try to just not think about it. bye

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