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Hi There,
I am so glad to hear from you.
I struggle everyday with the amt of food intake.
I have not started on formula due to my insurance has not started yet.
I am considered borderline PKU , but i try to eat as much as i can. nDo you eat alot of veggies?
I do ,but never feel full.
I am not sure ho much i weigh do to i threw out my scale,but an example i wear a size 1 on a good day. nMay i ask what kind of foods you eat as well as formula? or even how you cook them? nThank you so much for replying.
I actually thought i was the only one with PKU/Anorexia. nMay i ask where you live at?
If you do not mind i would like to add you as a friend so we can give each other support?
Once again Thank you nTracie

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