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Hi Angie,
I just read one of your posts, and that is so true.
It seems as though they give up on the first generation with PKU, and just focus on the children. nHey have you found that when you go to a Family Practioner and you tell them you have PKU they look at you from another planet. nThe Drs i have ran into don’t even bother to research it out. nDo they even know how that makes a person feel. nApparently not!
I do agree that there will be know cure for PKU anytime soon. nEspecially when they can’t even tell who a carrier is. nObviously both my parents were carriers,and they have 4 girls ,but i am the only one with PKU.
I am 39 yrs old and my sisters actually blamed me for having it , and taking away my parents often.(Yeah had alot of fun at the hospital ).
So then there came a point in my life that my parents did not believe i had PKU. nWow was that different.
So yes i truley felt alone until i got married to a great guy. nWe have a beautiful girl who is now 10 yrs old. nShe was my miracle baby. nMy parents through my pregnancy still didn’t think i had it. nThank God i never listened to them.
May i ask what kind of PKU do you have?
I am borderline PKU.
Hope to speak to you soon. nTracie-PKU

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