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Hi my name is Tracie,and i am 39 yrs old.
I have a beautiful daughter Gabriella who is now 10 yrs old. nAnd no she does not have PKU.
In the beginning you want to be on diet with formula intake for at least 2 months.
I planned her without my husbands knowledge.LOL nFor myself the formula wasn’t bad your body needs to get use to it before conception.
It will cut down on morning sickness. nMy husband however had morning sicknes.LOL nHe’s a great guy. nAnyways what to expect is alot of formula intake and getting alot of calories from free foods.
For example this was a normal day for myself:
A blender full of formula daily.( Phenex 11 ) n6 Tblsp of potatoes or rice n1/2 c.1c. carrots or green beans n1 piece of white butter bread. nAlot of caffine free soda nAlot of popsicles for calories.
When i had my formula i mixed it with nMangos,7-up a crap load to kill the flavor.
I hope i was some help to you, but also understand with the growth of the baby nThey still cannot tell you if all 4 chambers of heart are there or if he or she has any abnormalties.
I had alot of ultrasounds.
Over all its worth it at least once for me.
I had her all natural and felt everything.OUCH!LOL nGood luck i hope i helped you.
I will add you as a friend req. if you have any questions.
Take care, nTracie

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