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Hi meant2be, nMy name is Tracie, and i am considered borderline PKU.
I am allowed 60 grams not mgs of protein a day.
I feel the same way you do. nThe only time i felt ill was when i was off diet. nMy levels can get as high as 10-15 , but i feel no different.
I eat alot of veggies , reg. rice and potatoes.
I am also allowed real cheese, but of course no meat of any kind.
I understand what you mean sometimes you wonder if you even have PKU. nMy parents never believed i had it,but my levels said different.
I do have a healthy daughter 10 yrs old. nShe is perfect.I was on diet i was so afraid of her not having all 4 chambers of heart or not having all of her limbs. nWhen i was expecting my levels got as high as 10 one time, and i panicked. nThe Drs. were amazed to see how healthy she was. nSo they had us bring her back every 2 hrs. for the next 48 hrs., and still no PKU. nShe was 8lbs 7oz. 21 1/2 inches all natural.
I hope i was able to help you out.
I will send you a friend req., and if you have any questions or just want to talk i’m always here. nBy the way what kind of PKU do you have?
Take care,

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