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Hello all you mommies, nDon’t worry so much.
I have pku and i am a chilhood educator. nEarly childhood.
It is perfectly normal for your child to have tempertantrums. nThink about it if they cannot communicate with words quite yet they are going to find a way. nMy daughter is notPKU but she had her moments. nRemember terrible 2’s and 3’s.
It just depends on your child.
If you are looking for a little help go online and look up signing for toddlers.
Its easy and your child wont get so frustrated. nPlus remember your child be he or she is now hitting the stage of manipulation. nThink about it. nThey are alot smarter than you give them credit.
If you are concerned that t might be your childs level get them checked, and monitor them when you notice the out bursts.
I hope i was of some help. nTake care all. nTracie

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