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Hi Patti,
I am another one who is 39 yrs.,and my closest clinic is a 7 hr. drive.
I live in a community of 1100 people, and majority are children.
I am the only one in my area who even knows PKU that includes my new Dietition who is 8 miles away from me.
Sometimes i feel truley alone. nMy family lives in CA. and WI. and i am in Asotin WA. nAlot of my support comes from this sight.
I am married , but sometimes i feel more of a burden on my husband than helpful. nSo i tend t do alot of research on my own. nHe would never say that ,but you know body language says alot.
I am a at home mom, but my daughter is 10 yrs. nold.
I am a recovering Anorexic, and very open about it.
Not many people understand so i tend to get prejudged. ,but thats okay.
I keep on truckin.
Take care, nTracie

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