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Hi Chargers1,
I can totally relate.
I find it very hard to focus on what people are saying to me.
I can be as bad as not remembering what i had for dinner 2 or 3 days ago. nMy husband gets so frustrated. nHe thinks i can control it,but honestly i will try, and i end up in the shower crying, and feeling alone. nSo i fake it alot!!!!
I am back on diet ,but i think when you’ve been off for so long the damage is already done.
I went off diet very young per my Drs. req. thinking it would be okay. NOT!LOL
My brain fully developed,but the problem is was all the poisions i put in my body daily obviously did not do any good.
I am always on to talk so feel free to vent or what ever K.
Take Care, nTracie-pku

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