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Hi Tinkrbell,
I love your post name too cute. nK This is what i did.
I measured every food intake everyday. nFor example: nBreakfast Formula (Blender full) n1 piece of toast with butter( non-dairy ) n1/2c. of cold cereal w/juice
Snack A crap load of popsicles( they are your calories ) nLunch n2 rice cakes n1tblsp mayo ( for fat ) n1 slice of tomatoe/onion nabout 6 pickle chips n(That was my sandwich for the day) nSnack-Popsciles-they are free nDinner n6 tbsp of rice or potatoes n2tblsp butter( fat ) n1c. of either green beans or carrots. nDesert nHunts nLemon pudding(non-dairy) nAlso use sorbet nThere is also a desert called Mocha Mix.
Non-dairy desert. nJuice intake Koolaide,7-up
I did this same plan throughout my entire pregnancy just to be on the safe side.
I hope this helps you . nTalk to me anytime. nTracie

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