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Hi Amy,
I can relate to your husband.
It sounds like he may be borderline pku? nThat is what i am.
I am able to tollerate some protien,but no meat. nTry to convince him to cut out meat, and he will notice a difference in headaches,grumpiness and twiches.
I use to have all of those, and believe me it gets worse. nGet him to start on somekind of formula. nBreaMarie is very knowledgable on alot of different kinds of juicey varities. nAs for myself i have not started on formula yet due to insurance.1 more month. nBut i can tell you just cutting out all meat varities he will noticce a difference.
I use to have bad PKU siezures.I would be so embarrassed. nAll i have done is cut out bacon,meat (all kinds)chicken,fish,beans,peas and nuts.
Now remember i am borderline PKU so my body can
breakdown protiens so i can eat regular potatoes and rice.(just not brown rice),and i can eat real cheese. So if he is borderline it is not as difficult as it sounds.
I’m here if you ever want to talk. nTake care, nTracie

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