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Hi angelears, nMy heart goes out to you all.
I am 1 of 4 girls in the family,and i am the only one with PKU.
I was born in England,and when they found out i had PKU they immediatly sent me to Los Angles Ca.
I was born in 69. nSo i know what you mean by Drs. not knowing. nYou sound wonderful,and a great sibling to have. nUnfortunatly my family did not believe the Drs. because he said i was borderline PKU. nSo my Mom took me off diet at a young age. nMy sisters did not care too much about me due to they felt i got all the attention.
So when i went off diet my family was happy.
In the mean time I couldn’t hold a job,i was violent towards others,and then i started with tremors. nFor some reason my family thought i was just a class clown.
I flunked out in school,and barely graduated with 1.7 in 1987.
A number of years later i put myself back on diet,and to this day my mom still does not think i have it.
Talk to me anytime i am always on. nTake care, nTracie-PKU

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