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Hi there,
I am from the US, and have PKU. nBelieve me its not that big of a deal. nTry not to make it the main focus of her life. nMay i ask what type of PKU?
I am Borderline PKU.
I am 39 yrs old, and doing fine.
Get her started on her formula, and when she is ready for foods start with veggies. nThose will become her best friend.
Honestly as long as she is on a low pro diet she will have a normal life. nJust veggie style.LOL
As for myself i am allowed real cheese,and tofu,but besides that i eat all veggies,and measure everything. nBut thats okay.That is what you guys are for. nYes she is special, but in more than just a PKU way.
I have a daughter who is 10 yrs old and no PKU,but she was also my miracle baby.
I cannot have anymore.The birth did alot to my body,but i am thankful everyday i have with her.
If you need references Look toward LOMA LINDA FOODS.IN US,but they can help you with all your decisions.
Believe me she is as normal as can be just with a special diet.
Take Care, nTracie-PKU

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