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Hi Sandy, nMy name is Tracie i do have PKU.
I planned my pregnacy from preconception.
I put myself on diet at least 2 months before finding out i was expecting.
Through my pregnancy my levels rose to as high as 10.
I panicked didn’t know what to expect nor think.I cried everyday because Drs. could not tell me if she was developing correctly(Chambers of heart ,All limbs and size of her)
I had alot of sonagrams ,but i wouldn’t change it for the world.
I would say get her phe level tested,and let her know its for the LIFE OF A BABY!
She can do it.Support her as much as you can. nTell her its okay to cry for not knowing,but its not okay to make the wrong choices knowing what can happen to her unborn child.
My husband went as far as drinking the formula nPHENEX 11 with me,and believe me in puked alot,but the PKU mom should be use to it.
If started preconception.
Good Luck!!!!! nSay alot of prayers,and stay strong.
Tracie-PKU nPS nMy daughter is now 10 yrs old. nHealthy as a horse, but i can’t have no more children.

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