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Hi there,
I would play it safe.If you do popcorn just very little.Due to butter content.
It would depend on how strict his diet is. nAs for myself i use to be a caregiver for toddlers,and yes little trickets IE:crayons,pencils,boy toy cars etc.
Hard candies are just free for PKUers. nWhich means he can go to town on them.
I know he would probably love the toys more.
Also toddlers as for candie do go nuts.LOL
I had a young boy who was alergic to nuts. nSo it took looking at the content.
Also it is required by law to have on packaging nif it contains any PHE(Phenylalanine)
It will have a warning saying (Phenylketonurics)which is PKU.
Its better to be safe than sorry. nAlso no sugarfree candies.All of that is Poision to a PKU person.
Take care, nTracie-PKU
I hope i was some help to you.

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