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Hi Majormom,
I think it is awesome that you are considering adopting a PKU child especially 10 yr old. nThat is the age of my daughter,however iam the one with PKU in my family.It is not as hard as it seems. nMay i ask if she is on a formula?
If so the food to follow would almost be second nature for her. nMy family is very social with food.
I am a strict Veggie.LOL
It gets easier as you get older.(for PKU child) nKnowledge is power. nJust keep it exciting. nLet her prepare some of the foods that she is able to eat.
Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. nAlso a great person to talk to is BreMarie. nShe is 15yrs with CPKU, and has a younger sibling with it as well.
I will add you to my friends Req. if you have any questions.
nTake care, and Goood Luck. nWe are special people,and pretty normal just food difference. nLots of encouragement is always best…

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