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Hi Montie,
I would say you get more illness’ when you are off diet. nLike myself i was off for a number of years,and now i have anexity,Moodiness,outbursts(mean). nAs for my brain you do damage as you take in the WRONG foods.
I have not had an MRI recently,but iam back on diet, and feeling great. nAlot of the mental comes from not being caught at birth.
May i ask are you on diet? nWhat kind of PKU do you have?
I am Borderline PKU. So my body reaksdown some protien they just don’t know why?
I am strict Veggie,but can eat regular cheese,and tofu.
As for other PKUers they are not able to eat some of the items, and that brings them into nLow-Pro foods.
I hope i was some help.
Take care talk to you soon.

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