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Hi TucksMommy, nMay i ask was he diagnosed at birth?
I am PKU and they did do MRI’S almost regularly. nFor your own peace of mind i would get one done,but talk to the PKU Dr. first.
Not ped. just because thay may not know much about PKU.
The PKU DR. may have another test in mind.
I am 39yrs old w/Borderline PKU.
So i have a mild case,but my Dr. still wanted MRI’s done to find out what was going on.
Please try not to panick.( I know easier said than done)
Hang in there. Iam here for you .
My name is Tracie ,and i’m on here all the time.
I will try to add you as my friend req.
Take care, nTracie-PKU

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