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Hello All, nMy name is Tracie,and i am borderline PKU.
I have been off diet since 11 yrs old andnow iam 39yrs old.
I just started back on diet,but 1 month ago.
I did suffer from PKU seizures,headaches,moodswings,and worst of all Anorexia.
My Dr.who lives in La. Calif.
has told me as i get older to report how i feel. nThat is when they found out i have Celiac disease.(Apparently alergic to all wheat too) nYippee.LOL
I was born in England in 1969 as was caught at birth. nAt that time my parents moved to the USA.Specificlly CA. that is where i meant my Dr. he is awesome the problem is he is about close to 100 yrs old.(Not Joking)
Now i live in Asotin WA. where no-one knows about PKU. nSo i am having a hard time finding a dietition
who even knows what PKU is.
Anyways not sure what happens to us as we grow older,but i guess we’ll be the first to know.
Stay strong everyone.We made it this far.
Take care, nTracie-PKU

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