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Sorry my PC has an attitude. nAnyways alot of what you are feeling i can relate to.
Once you go back on diet you will feel better.
I am borderline PKU and can eat regular cheese,and tofu,but no meat.
So i am basiclly a veggie. nWhen i went off diet at 11yrs old.
I struggled in school,angry,moody,and i cheated at night.
I put myself back on diet 10 yrs ago to have a baby,then i stopped it again.(BIG MISTAKE)
I started with aniexty,moodiness,angry all the time,and became Anorexic.
I had headaches almost everyday too.
I have only started back on diet 1 month ago.
I noticed i could think clearer,and no more headaches. nOverall it was a good decision. nYou can do it.It takes dicipline,and alot of support.Thats what we are for.
We are here to help. nGood luck,and Take care, nTracie-PKU

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