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Hi PKU Chick,
I too am from Manchester, England. nWhen i was Diagnosed with PKU my parents moved too the states.
I too am pale as heck,blonde,blue eyes,and cannot tan for the life of me.LOL
I am a little older than you,and just started back on diet 1 month ago.
I do have a 10 yr. old daughter,and i did go back on diet to have her.
Believe it or not when your biological clock is ticking(LOL) the formula is easy to get down.
I had her at 28 yrs old.,and she is perfect.
I planned her completely.
I was on the formula Phenex 2 2 months prior to conception,and it is well worth it.
Now i did go off diet right after her,and suffered for it. nMooodswings,Headaches,Violent outburts, Anxiety,PKU seizures,and worst of all Anorexia.
It would be worth it to you to go on diet.
I know its not easy,but that is why we are here.
BreaMarie is a smart young lady who can give you great advice on new types of formula,Kuvan,or the coolers she speaks about. n(That is what i am trying to get my dietition to let me start)
Right now its Phenex 2, and Kuvan(60 pills a day)Ouch!LOL
I hope i was some help.
Take care in the UK.I sure do miss it. nBelieve it or not the weather too.LOL
I will do a friend req. if you wanna talk.
Take care, nTracie-PKU

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