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Hi Anne,
I think its great you are trying to find out info for the person you are speaking of.
I know you are limited on giving out info on him or her.
I would assume they were not caught at birth or may have a retardation or if not maybe Hyperphe?
I myself am Borderline PKU,and can have up to 2700 PHE’s a day or 60 grams of protein.
It is alot for a PKUer. nMay i ask if he or she is on a diet?
I myself am.I suffered from alot of different nMental problems.
IE: Aniexty,moodiness,Anger,PKU seizures,and worst of all Anorexia.
So there maybe some signs that you may see.
I hope i was some help.
Take care,and thanks for caring.

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