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Hi Sarah/Marsha,
I am a PKU MOM with a 10 yr old healthy girl.
Most likley the reason the state wont pay for it is cause she can have a healthy child.
Its Just a decision that she made not a medical one.( I RESPECT HER DECISION )
I am a little older than some of the others,but i checked into it when i was younger,and did not want to comply with the diet.
When i hit 28 yrs old all changed for me.
I was very happy that i did not get the Tubes tied nor would the DR. agree to do so.
The state would pay for it if there was a na definite possibly that the child would not make it.
Now that i am older i cannot have anymore children. nMy kidneys pooped out, and now the Drs. are willing to tie my tubes.
I hope i made some sort of sense for you.
Good Luck ,and Take care.

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