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HI there,
I am an older Borderline PKU MOM. nMy daughter is awesome and PKU free.Yippee.
As for myself growing up the Drs. played arounfd with my PHE intake. nFor example:they would have me try regular Milk.YUK nBeans ,peas everything i was not allowed to eat.
I have a rare gene mutation that has thrown the DRs. off a bit. nSo they wanted to see how high my levels would actually go.( Highest has been around 13-15)
I hated trying the REAL FOOD.
Which brings me to my point,your little one will actually be use to it.Especially if they are already on formula,and getting use to some of our special foods.
Honestly now i can’t eat meat without feeling sick to my stomache.(any type)
I think as you grow with knowledge it will be easier.My family are meat eaters,but honestly ni never took to meat of any kind.
If they don’t taste it they don’t know what they ar missing,and they probably wont like it anyways.LOL
Like with Bre i read she ordered a salad and by mistake they put bacon in it,and it made her sick. nMeat for me lays like a brick,and is just not worth it.
Good luck you will do great. nREMEMBER KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!
Take care, nTracie-PKU

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