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Hi Misha,
I totally can relate to what you are speaking of. nWhen i was 20 yrs old te same thing happened to me (UNPLANNED PREGNANCY)i was heartbroken
I made the same decision you made and 15 yrs later i still cry over it.
Not knowing ,but my Dr. said she would have been stillborn nMy heart broke. nSo then i swore that i would plan my next pregnacy that was 7 yrs later.
I call her my MIRACLE BABY.
Just make sure you are on diet for at least 2 months not only to get your levels down,but also to get use to the formula.
I never had morning sickness.(MY HUSBAND DID)LOL
There is terry cloth braclets you can buy for
your wrists.UMMMM I think i got them at Longs or Walgreens. nWhat it does is push on your pressure point in your wrists,and that stops morning sickness.
Cool Huh! nDon’t worry if your (CLOCK) is ticking you will get the formula in you one way or another.
I didn’t have my daughter till i was 28 yrs.
I don’t think i would have been able to comply nany earlier just because of lack of discipline.
But when you feel that little one inside you nWOW its worth it.
Good luck.You can do it…
Its awesome being a mom,and i know that somedady i will meet my other little girl,and i hope she understsnds
Take Care, nTracie-PKU

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