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Hi Batwoman,
I don’t have a problem talking about it at all. nWhen i ahd my daughter it was all natural.(OUCH) nThe Drs. told me my Kidneys were not fully functioning dso it would not be wise to have more children.
Then after i gave birth i gained about 60 lbs. nWhich put me at 180lbs(OUCH).
That is when mt problems started.
I couldn’t handle the weight gain and lost n80 lbs in one yr.
Needless to say that is when i started with ANOREXIA.(NOT GOOD)
Right now i weigh maybe 100lbs on a good day.
I have been Hospitalized 1 time for it in CA.
I refuse to relapse,but my problem was starving myself.
I am getting better just slowly,but now they say a baby could not survive full term.
Yes it breaks my heart,but this is something that i needed to accept,and grow from.
Please feel free to ask me any questions.
I am very honest about the damage to my body.
I did have a RBBB(Right Bundle Branch Block in Heart),but i corrected it by eating. nThe fear of dying really set in,and my strength is my husband,and beautiful daughter.
Thanks for asking, nTracie-PKU

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