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Hi there,
I am PKU just like everyone else.LOL
I do have a healthy 10 yr. old girl.(NO PKU)

I planned her to the day of almost conception.
I went on diet 2 months before even trying to get pregnant.

If your biological clock is ticking.LOL
like mine was the formula ,and food was easy to deal with.

I counted all my food intake daily.
Blender full of formula.(Phenex 2,Mangos,ice,and 7-up)
It was like a slushie.
Its not easy with the formula,but when you see and feel the baby it just makes it worth it.

I did go to a store called Walgreens.
They have braclettes (terry cloth)
that you wear on your wrists.It pushes against
pressure points that take away morning sickness.

Hopefully i helped a bit for you.

Take care,

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