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Hi Nattie,
I’m sure you probably have it under control considering it is a couple years later.
I just wanted to share with all the MOMMIES nMy little story.
I was off diet for 11 yrs old to 28 yrs old,and that is when i started planning my pregnancy.
I put myself back on diet in 1997 about 2 months before conception hoping my body would get use to the formula.
It worked.
I was on diet drinking Phenex 2,and measuring all my food intake to a tee.
To get calories i ate alot of popsicles.
I guess the hardest for me was not knowing how my daughter was doing inside.
I had bi-weekly sonograms ,and they would always say (LOOKS GOOD),but they could not tell me ifher heart was ok,limbs growing correctly,and brain growth.
I think i cried daily. nMy husband was wonderful,however he had the morning sickness.
I got very lucky , and had none! nPlus my Dr. said if i did they would Hospitalize me and put a tube in stomache to make sure the formula got it me.
That scared the crap out of me,and i told myself(you can do it).
Needless to say my daughter cames out perfect. n8lbs 7oz 21 1/2 inches long. nThe midwife was amazed on how healthy she was. nSo for there own peace of mind they had us bring her in every 2 hrs for 2 days straight to be tested for PKU.
She does not have it.YIPPEE!!!!!
That was the beat feeling in the world. nYa know what is funny i was so excited to give her regular milk.(crazy huh!)
Just thought i would share. nTo all the MOMMIES YOU CAN DO IT!

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