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Hi Marion, nMy name is Tracie,and i am a recovering Anorexic for 4 yrs but suffered for 10 yrs.
I am PKU just like you. nMay i ask what your weight is?
I know that is something we (Anorexics don’t speak about)
I am very open about my PKU and Anorexia. nDo you Starve yourself or make yourself Vommit? nPlease let me know if i am over stepping my boundries.
At 1 time i was 180lbs,and now i weigh about 102lbs.
I have been hospitalized one time and refuse to relapse. nPlease let me tell you it is very hard to gain weight when you go under 100lbs.
What type of PKU do you have?
I am Borderline-PKU.
I am allowed 60 grams of protien a day.(2700 PHE’s)
I will do a friend req. if you want to talk.
I struggle day to day with it,and its not easy
when people say (just eat).
Take care,and i am here for you.

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