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Hi Linsey, nWelcome and congrats on getting ur levels started going down 2 have a family.
It takes alot of dedication,and i pretty sure if u want it bad enough like i did ur levels will come down.
I planned my pregnancy from the beginning. nJust make sure u have them between 2-6.
It’s very important before conception. nPlus it gives ur body a chance 2 get use too the formula. nBelieve me morning sickness is alot easier when u already know what it (formula)tastes like before hand.
Just to let u know i think there is no perfect time to have kids.(of course levels down first) nWhat i mean is the cost of kids.
Its expensive,but just learn how to bargain shop. nThey (kids) will always be expensive.
Good Luck!
If it is possible i will do a friend Req. if u have any questions.K
Take Care nTracie-PKU

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