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Hi Everyone,
I do agree with Mayrogers.
I think it is simply they are afraid of the unknown. nSeriously what else csn it be?
And the worst are kids can be cruel,and if there parents don’t play a role in teaching them that there are Special Kids out there( Be it PKU or Not),how should we expect them to learn.
When i was in High School(Back in the stone ages)LOL
I took biology of course so i decided to explain it to my class.Honestly they looked dumbfounded.
For the average kid ,teen,tween,or even adult
I just don’t think they understand. nSo how do they react(Like Bre said ingnorent).
I think because they are embarressed,and do not want to admit it.
Okay Guys think about when WE talk about our PKU doesn’t everyone look at you like (What the heck are they Talking about)?
Thats what i run into.So maybe the average person (not PKU) feels alittle inadiquite or in better words Dumb!(Sorry to be so blunt)
I don’t mean to affend anyone.K nWE do sound awfully intelligent when discussing PKU. Think About it!
Take Care, nTracie-PKU

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