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I don’t even drink formula. I’m a premed college student, so my lifestyle is very busy. I dont want to deal with carrying a container everywhere, mixing messy formula powder, and trying to keep it cold (or choke it down before it gets warm).
I use the phlexy-10 tablets. If you don’t like swallowing pills this isnt for you, but i think it’s really handy. Itke 60 pills a day, which sounds like a lot but honestly it’s not that bad. I split it up and take 20 pills at a time 3 times a day. I can pop two in my mouth at a time, so it takes all of 2 minutes to take 20 pills.
The pills also contain 3 grams of fiber per 10 tablets (thats 18 grams a day for me!!), which is awesome for your body. PKU patients can sometimes have a hard time getting the right amount of fiber. Also, only 35 calories per 10 tablets. I dont know the caloric value of other formulas but I’m betting it’s at least a little higher due to all the added flavorings.
Last benefit: You dont have that nasty after-taste lingering in your mouth after you take the pills. Your tongue might taste a little funky, but that’s better than your whole mouth smelling like dog food!
Hope this helps!

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