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Hi Jen, nMy name is Tracie,and i too like to go to resturants. nWhat i tend to do is talk to the waiter or waitress,and explain that there is alot i am allergic to on the menu. nDepending on the place you go(if its a nice one)They (chef)will usually make you something special.
I did that in La.Ca. when i went to a Indian Cusine rest.The chef was quite accomidating.
Kind of have a plan what you want to eat,and tell your server.You will probably be pleasantly surprised.(I was)
For myself the Chef made me a special plate of Spiced veggies,laid over a flavored rice. nAlso for deserts look at Sorbet.1 gram of protein per half cup.(45 PHE’s)
How many PHE’s are you allowed?
I am Borderline PKU,and allowed 60 grams of protein or 2700 PHE’s.Which is alot.
I hope i was helpful for you!
If you want to talk i’m always on or just checking the site for questions.
Take care,and good luck.

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