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Hi Bre, nHow are you doing?Good i hope!
I am getting ready to start my Kuvan,and i am really excited.I get to cut out 2 other pills that i take that total 28 pills a day.Plus i asked the Dr. on the quantity of the pills(Kuvan)I think he mentioned 10 pills aday,and i may not have to take the Phenex 2.
I am so happy to hear that as well.
I’m going to start them in a week,then do a PHE check,and if its low enough i wont have to take anything else.
I do have a question 4 u?
Is there alot of vitamins in Kuvan? nLike we would get in our formula?
If not what do u suggest?I want to try something different,and hopefully tastey.(I know thats a long shot)LOL
Anyways take care talk to u soon.

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